To us, Mountain Time isn’t just a time zone, it’s a lifestyle. Mountain Time is cracking that first beer after the tents been put up and the fires been started. It’s the smile on your face as you get first tracks on a powder day or that “yewwwww” that free-flows out of your mouth as your bomb down a trail on your mountain bike.

Mountain Time became our slogan after a friend visiting Colorado asked a simple question - "what time is it?". "12:00, Mountain Time", we replied. He whipped up his double shaka, and exclaimed, "we're living on Mountain Time, baby!" This kid clearly had been living in Texas for too long and mistook the time zone for an expression similar to “island time”. 

Today, the saying lives on in infamy. The island time lifestyle was adopted and we now honor and live on Mountain Time every day, chasing good times, adventure, and friendship in our home town of Denver, Colorado. 
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